3 Main Excuses Why You’re Not Cooking

In this blog, I’d like to discuss the main excuses you are using on a daily basis to not cook. The point is to help you realize how much you are inconveniencing yourself even more by not cooking.

I don’t have the time

Refer to my DashofCharm “time” blog about cooking. But seriously. More than likely, you do have the time but you are prioritizing you’re time over something else. Whichever activity you are engaging in for the day, you could choose to cook as one of them. If cooking and your health is important to you, make it your priority. Also, there’s this fun slow cooker-pot that you can plug into your wall, it’s called a crockpot. Use yours today!

I don’t have the money

Healthy food is so expensive. It is and here’s the thing, healthy food CAN be expensive. However, it typically is not more expensive than eating out every day. One average take-out meal in America costs approximately $10.00 if it is fast food and even more if you eat at a dine-in restaurant. Do the math! If you are eating at least one fast food meal a day for seven days, that’s $70 a week, which turns into $280.00 a month. Wholy moly, that’s my car payment! But remember, that’s just ONE meal a day, if you don’t cook at all and eat all three meals out, that’s approx. $840.00 a month! That’s more than my rent and I’m sure that‘s more than yours too. So think about that $840.00 next time you want to throw out your excuses.

I don’t know how to cook

This is the WORST one. STOP saying you don’t know how! Yes, there are some people that cook better than others, but that’s an entirely different point. ANYONE can pour some olive oil in a pan and turn it to medium heat. Anyone can put the oven to 350 degrees. The average human does so many more complicated things in their lifetime just to be able to survive. If you can survive in this life, you can pour olive oil, turn a nob, and chop up the ingredients. So stop waiting and turn that nob!




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