8 Reasons to Love Cooking

It’s creative

If you love to come up with things to make or do- You have a creative imagination. Being creative is something to enjoy. It is fun! When you are creative you can do whatever you want to your food. You can pick and choose what ingredients to use, you can choose how you want to make it, and you are doing something different.

Builds patience

Cooking time lengths can range from 15 minutes to hours. If you are a frequent chef (like myself), then you like to make meals that can take up to couple of hours. This requires a lot of patience to cook the meal and wait to eat your food. This is a great way to build your patience if you are an impatient person.

Trying new things

Trying something new is like going on an adventure! It’s one of the reasons many of us love to travel so much- we get to try new things. Cooking and eating is the same thing. The more you cook, the more you find yourself trying a new dish or recipe created. Besides, nobody likes to eat the same thing every day because it gets old. Thus, you will find yourself trying new food.

Serving others

If you are a people pleaser like myself, then you love to serve others. It makes you feel needed and important. When you serve others, you are saying to them that you care about them and you are “giver”. Serving others can also build up your self-esteem and confidence because others love your food as much as you do.

Brings people together

Socializing is a huge part of why you should love to cook. Food brings everyone together and makes them happy. In your life, socializing is a healthy part of a way to do it, so do it.

It tastes delicious

Food is delicious! Not just any food though, home-cooked food! The reason why home-cooked food is better than fast food or restaurant food is because of the way they are processing the food. A lot of the time, they are serving you frozen and fried food when you go out to eat. They put even more chemicals in this food than the one’s we purchase at the grocery store because these types of food need to be preserved. Also, the reason restaurants serve these types is because it takes the least amount of time to make. If it takes under 30 minutes to prepare, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Unlike restaurants, home-cooked meals will always taste delicious and won’t make you sick if you eat it every day.

It’s healthy for you

Most people who cook love it because it is healthy for you. When you cook, you are using natural ingredients. You use spices, herbs, vegetables, fruit, etc. All of these things grow from the ground and this is the easiest way to tell if you are using a healthy ingredient. You are also able to control the portions of ingredients that you put into your food. If you’re like me, I use a pinch of salt in my recipes. A lot of the times, restaurants are putting numerous amounts of salt, sugar, and fat into your food which is why cooking yourself is healthy for you.

It’s fun

This one is Dash of Charm’s personal favorite! I am all about fun and passion. I like to put that into everything that I do. Therefore If cooking was not fun and passionate for me, I would not have started this company. Check out Dash of Charm’s “about me” page to learn more! In the end, fun and passion should be a reason why you love cooking as well.




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