Dash of Charm was born December 31, 2013.

A 19 year old college student decided she wanted to create new meals upon moving out of her parents’ home. She wanted to make each of the meals her own, so she added her own ingredients & spices to put her own spin on things. This was done for years in her off-campus student housing kitchen. Cooking was not something she did for any reason in particular, It just tasted delicious.

It was not until later on that the realization of cooking meant saving money, time, and was healthier. Before she knew it, she was cooking  for her roommates, friends, and anyone that walked through the door of her home. She realized that food was not just something she was whipping up to put in the oven, it meant bringing people together.


Recently, Dash of Charm was web-born as of July 31, 2018.

It is now online is because she wanted to pass down these delicious recipes to others who share the same love for cooking and food as she does.She also wants others to learn about how cooking can save them time, money, and contributes to their health.

After all this time, cooking is one of her most calming, relaxing, and soothing hobbies. She had no idea this was a passion that she would hold on to…forever. Please keep in mind that these recipes are kept simple and flavorful. These recipes welcome all ages. Hello everyone, my name is Charmane’! Now, I’m bringing my kitchen to yours! Please enjoy and WELCOME to DASH OF CHARM!