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Salty Facts


Salty Beginnings Salt is a vital nutrient to your body in which us as humans, need to survive. If you know anything about salt, then you'll know that it is always to taste. Salt normally comes from evaporating sea water, however there are some salts that come from mountains and old deposits. Salt is [...]

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3 Main Excuses Why You’re Not Cooking


In this blog, I'd like to discuss the main excuses you are using on a daily basis to not cook. The point is to help you realize how much you are inconveniencing yourself even more by not cooking. I don’t have the time Refer to my DashofCharm “time” blog about cooking. But seriously. More than [...]

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Pros and Cons: Different Types of Grocery Stores and Deliveries


Publix Pros: Small parking lot so you don't have to walk far. Store is not large and is easy to walk through quickly. Offers a wide variety of organic food. Able to return most items without receipt(Except alcohol). Offers Publix grocery delivery through Insta-cart. Cons: Pricey. Not enough space to park carts. Walmart Pros: [...]

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How to Start Your Own Food Blog


Hello to all Dash readers!!! In this article, I am going to discuss how to start your own food blog! It is a very short, simple, step-by step article into how to set this up quickly and professionally without anyone's help but your own..and me of course haha! The steps will be choosing your domain name, [...]

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How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Website


DOMAINS The First thing to do is...come up with a name for your website! No matter what reason you are looking to build a website, you'll want to make sure that you have a domain name which is otherwise known as your website name. In addition, this may also be known as your business [...]

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8 Best Sauces To Make From Scratch


1. Basil Sauce First, basil sauce is absolutely delicious and best for salads and vegetables. Just like most sauces on this page, basil sauce is extremely refreshing. This recipe consists of fresh basil leaves, olive oil, and garlic. Basil leaves are extremely well-known and used for a lot of Italian cuisine. There have been reports [...]

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Eggs Benedict


Duration 10 minutes (Includes Prep Time)  Ingredients 1 Poached: Egg To Taste: Salt To Taste: Pepper 1 Serving: Kale To Taste(sprinkle): Green Onion 1 Slice: Tomato 2 Slices: Canadian Bacon  Cooking Instructions

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Breakfast Potatoes


Duration 10 minutes (Includes Prep Time)  Ingredients 1/4 Cup: Olive Oil 3-4 Medium Cubed: Red Potatoes To Taste: Salt To Taste: Pepper 3 Cloves: Garlic 1 Small: Onion 1/4 Cup: Red Bell Pepper 1/4 Cup: Green Bell Pepper 1/4 Cup: Yellow Bell Pepper  Cooking Instructions 1. Turn oven onto 425 degrees F. 2. Cut red potatoes into [...]

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Fried Eggs


Duration 10 minutes (Includes Prep Time)  Ingredients 2 Over-Medium: Eggs To Taste: Salt To Taste: Pepper To Taste: Breakfast Potatoes 2 Slices: Canadian Bacon 1/2 : Avocado 3 Pieces: Strawberries To Taste: Green Onion  Cooking Instructions 1. Place pan on medium heat 2. Season pan with butter 3. Crack egg 4. Wait until egg is [...]

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