How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Website


The First thing to do is…come up with a name for your website! No matter what reason you are looking to build a website, you’ll want to make sure that you have a domain name which is otherwise known as your website name.

In addition, this may also be known as your business name. Either way, I suggest choosing wisely. I’ve listed some websites below that offer domain names. Below, I will go over the different ways when choosing your domain name.

When choosing your domain name, make sure to:

  • Keep it short
  • Use Keywords
  • Use .COM
  • Make it stand out
  • Make it pronounceable
  • Make the name a brand

Where to Purchase Domain Name

Name Cheap

First, Name Cheap is pretty awesome. They have up to 82% off of their domains. I only found out about them through referrals there, but I certainly wished I would of known about them originally with their awesome prices.

Name Boy

Next, Name boy is great as well. It is a place where you can also buy your domains, however It is the best domain generator ever! When you type in your domain that you are looking to purchase, it generates names that are similar to that in case the domain name you chose is not available.

Go Daddy

Futhermore, Go Daddy is the most popular domain site out of all of these. Go daddy offers so many other services that these don’t. They are an everything is in one place company for everything websites. This definitely makes things a lot easier to go to one website for all your website services.

This is great, but they are pricier than the rest when you are renewing anything. In the beginning, they offer coupons and their prices are very fair with these, but when you renew, everything goes up. This is preference. Go Daddy is what I currently run all my website services through. Go Daddy is best if you are treating your website and everything that has to do with it a full business as you will have many more options.

Blue Host

Moreover, Blue Host is extremely great if you want to start a blog in my opinion. If you haven’t already noticed- bloggers everywhere are constantly blogging about Blue Host. No- it’s not just because of affiliate marketing. It is because Blue Host offers the right amount of services to start a blog. Domain, hosting, and wordpress. You can start your website through Blue Host but it does not offer all the professional services you will need to fully maintain a website such as SSL certifications, security, etc.

Host Gator

Last, Host Gator is something that I heard about through my little brother. He has started his own website from scratch as well…before I even did ( He recommended Host Gator to me and I would like to mention it to you guys. Host Gator seems to be cheap compared to a lot of other companies for a full website bundle. Their domains, hosting, and wordpress is much cheaper than every other company that I have discovered. He uses it and he loves it. I wanted to mention this to you so that you can keep your mind and options open when choosing one of these companies.

Buying and Selling Domain Names

A really cool thing about domains is that you can also sell them. Go Daddy prices them for you and they also tell you its worth before you even price it yourself. Normally, they are worth $1000+. I am currently selling my domain at the moment called on Go Daddy. It is a great blogging name, especially used for a food blog. So you can buy a bunch of great “catchy” domain names for $12.99 each, and then turn around and sell them for $1000+.

I am really great at choosing brand names for companies, obviously! 🙂 If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me. My fee is $50.00 to send along catchy brand/website/blog names. I come up with a list of 10 names for you to pick from to ease your anxiety and start your business! Email me at!

Domain Transfer

All of the domain options above offer a domain transfer on their site. This can be used for multiple reasons. This can be used if you no longer want to use your current domain name, you can buy a new one and transfer it over. This makes it easier so that you don’t have to cancel your current domain and wipe out all of the content for your website work that you’ve worked so hard on.

Sometimes people also want to transfer their name to sell it as well and make profit if it has become popular in the market. Either way, these are both great reasons for the “domain transfer” option!

If you want to learn about more than just domains and how to start your blog and website, visit- Dash of Charm website.


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