Salty Facts

Salty Beginnings

Salt is a vital nutrient to your body in which us as humans, need to survive. If you know anything about salt, then you’ll know that it is always to taste. Salt normally comes from evaporating sea water, however there are some salts that come from mountains and old deposits. Salt is like oxygen. You actually need it to breathe and cannot live without it. It has been scientifically proven.

The reason why most people steer clear of salt is because they are actually misinformed about it. The think “salt is not good for you” . It can be- IF you are using table salt or consuming too much on a daily basis. Below, I’ve listed the healthiest salts for your body from BEST to WORST.

Types of Salt

What types of salt to use for your food?

Maldon Salt

This type of salt is best known as sea salt flakes. Sea salt flakes are by far the best types of salt to ever use. It is best used as a topper but It is still used well in your food items as well. Maldon Salt has a crunchiness that is satisfying and significantly brings out the flavor in your food. Maldon salt is best used for meats such as beef (steak), pork, etc. Maldon salt originates in an ocean near the United Kingdom.

Sea Salt

The difference between regular sea salt and maldon is that maldon has a type of flake, is shaped like a pyramid, and has a crunchiness to it that is just right. Regular sea salt is normally more fine grained and can be used to finish food. However, they do have course sea salt as well is best used as preparation for stews, soups, and placing in pasta/vegetable water.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt actually comes from the himalayan mountains. It calms muscle cramps, acne, nasal congestion, migraines, and veins. This is the best type of salt to use if you are particularly health conscious about salt. This type of salt is best used for vegetables and seafood. It is a little bit on the lighter side and even though you can get this in a course grain- I typically would not even recommend it for steak.

Fleur De Sal Salt

Fleur de sal is widely known as flower of salt. Fleur is a fine sea salt from France. When you open a container of Fleur, It feels extremely soft and gentle as if you are standing next to the ocean. Fleur is best for sprinkling on light foods such as salads and garnishes.

Kosher Salt

Larger crystals than table salt and is used inside your food instead of on top of your food. Kosher is particularly free from iodine which is essentially what can cause health effects and so forth. Kosher salt is cheaper than the rest of the salts and holds the moisture the best in any dishes.


There is a fine grain, small grain, medium grain, course grain and flakes.

Fine Grain

Fine Grain salt is the smallest crystal of salt that you will find. Fine grain salt means that the crystals will dissolve into your food easier than other salts. It will make your food taste “salty” in comparison to other salts. It is best advised to use fine grain for finishing salt in moderation.

Small Grain

Small Grains are ideal for a finishing salt rather than in the food. Small grains are also best used for rims on cocktails.

Medium Grain

Medium Grain is best used for marinating and grilling meat. It is also best used inside food.

Course Grain

This type of salt is best suited for grinders to top onto salads as well as many other foods. Likewise to medium grain, course grain is best used inside foods as it is not too salty.




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